Gianni Bussolati: “Juan Rosai” Lecture on: “The Art and Science of Histopathology”

In September 2022 the CEO and founder of Addax Biosciences Professor Bussolati, closed the 34th European Congress of Pathology, with his keynote lecture, entitled ‘The Art and Science of Histopathology’. It was an inspirational opportunity to outlook on the past, the present and particularly the future of the anatomy pathology. Through his lecture, Professor Bussolati examined the important challenges and the opportunities in the development of histopathology. The presentation showed, among the most innovative ones, the possibility to replacing Formalin with Glyoxal acid free, finally opening the perspective to a non-toxic fixative. During his speech, Professor Bussolati presented the results of the clinical study conducted in Europe, which officially validated the Glyoxal acid free and confirmed histological and immunohistochemical diagnostic results as Formalin.

The full video can be viewed here: