We are pleased to announce that our GAF® formalin free fixative solution joined the World’s greenest hospital initiative. The fictional city of Grønnköpingkið is building a new university hospital. Ready to operate in 2025, the digital hospital will be the greenest and most sustainable hospital in the world. The World’s greenest hospital platform shows different products as well as services that can improve the sustainability performance of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. All are already available and tested on the market, ready to be used.

The project is promoted by Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH), an independent platform that organizes all stakeholders in the cross sectorial discipline of Sustainable Healthcare. Addax Biosciences has joined the member network of NCSH, which includes companies, hospitals, regions, universities, NGOs, clusters and more. Together they form an arena which generates collaborations, projects, business, knowledge and new innovative ideas. Joining NCSH is an excellent opportunity for Addax Biosciences to find and offer specialized expertise in the global network, to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable healthcare sector.


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