Immunohystochemistry protocols for GAF fixation

We have added a new section on our website where you can find protocols on how to use GAF as substitute for formalin in immunohystochemistry.

Immunohystochemistry is the most common application of immunostaining. Immunohistochemical staining is widely used in the pathology department of hospitals for the diagnosis of abnormal cells such as those found in tumors. Immunohistochemistry is also widely used in basic research to understand the distribution and localization of biomarkers and differentially expressed proteins in different parts of a biological tissue. Preparation of the sample is critical to maintain cell morphology, tissue architecture and the antigenicity of target epitopes. This requires proper tissue collection, fixation and sectioning. A solution of formalin is often used to fix the tissue, but we propose GAF as a fixation method equally efficient as formalin but safer for users.

Check our website for more information about the protocols for immunohystochemistry with GAF fixation method.

IHC protocols


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