GAF Fixative solution

GAF Fixative solution

 152.00 per case / € 3,80 per vial (VAT excluded)

GAF is a non-volatile nor cancerogenic histological fixative solution with equivalent efficacy to Formalin, responding to the need to protect the health of workers involved within the utilization process and, at the same time, the health of patients.

Substitution of Formalin (a toxic and carcinogenic agent) is recommended for health and environmental reasons and now requested by EU Regulations.

GAF represents a safe histological fixative providing results as good or better than Formalin, as proved by histological, immunohistochemical and molecular analyses.

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GAF formalin-free histological fixative in pre-filled vial single use 25 ml.
Each case contains 40 vials, 25ml.
Price per unit: € 3,80 (VAT excluded).


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