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Tissue fixation (a critical step in the diagnostic process) requires a reagent fit to preserve both, structure and cellular components (antigens/proteins and nucleic acid sequences). Substitution of Formalin (a toxic and carcinogenic agent) is recommended for environmental reasons and now required by EU rules Glyoxal (a di-aldehyde similar to Formaldehyde) is not volatile and is not toxic. When deprived of troublesome acids, Glyoxal Acid-Free (GAF) represents a safe histological fixative providing results as good or even better than Formalin, as proved by histological, immuno-histochemical and molecular analyses*.

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*Reference: Bussolati G, Annaratone L, Berrino E, Miglio U, Panero M, Cupo M, Gugliotta P, Venesio T, Sapino A, Marchiò C.
Acid-free glyoxal as a substitute of formalin for structural and molecular preservation in tissue samples. PLoS One. 2017 Aug 10;12(8):e0182965.