ADDAX Biosciences INNOVATIVE Addax proposes the replacement of Formalin wich is a cancerogenic, toxic and mutagenic substance. HISTOLOGICAL Addax meets the normative requirement of abandoning the use of Formalin (EU Reg. 895/2014). FIXATIVE GAF is not volatile nor toxic, and presents optimal fixative results, analogous (if not better) to those of Formalin. Glyoxal Acid Free (GAF) PATENT GAF is protected by an international patent. A SAFE FIXATIVE Glyoxal Acid-Free (GAF) represents a safe fixative solution for histology, providing results as good as Formalin (if not better). COST REDUCTION Addax strongly reduces technical, procedural and organizational costs. Health improvement for pathologist HEALTH & SAFETY Addax stimulates health improvement and environmental safety. TISSUE FIXATION GAF is a fixative solution fit to preserve structure and cellular components (antigen/proteins and nucleic acid sequences). FORMALIN - FREE Fissative results are as good as Formalin (if not better), as proved by histological, immuno-histochemical and molecular analyses.



Innovative reagent

ADDAX Biosciences proposes a revolution in the fixative solution market by the introduction of GAF, an innovative reagent that will allow the optimal tissue fixation at the structural and molecular level. This is combined with the absence of toxicity and carcinogenic activity, at variance of the fixative solution in use.

Formalin alternative

ADDAX Biosciences introduces in the market a histological fixative that works as a substitute to Formalin (a toxic and carcinogenic substance). The fixative is based on an innovative glyoxal solution: GAF. The results have been published in a peer reviewed paper (Plos One 12: e0182965; 2017).

International patent

ADDAX’s solution (GAF) is protected by an international patent.


Formaldehyde (whose aqueous solution is called Formalin) is considered an irritant and toxic substance. Exposure to it may cause allergy, induce eczema and respiratory asthma. Furthermore, over the past decade, the scientific community has found out that inhalation of formaldehyde (which is highly volatile) may lead to cancer. In the European Union, Formaldehyde has been officially declared carcinogen. Its eradication from workplaces has been mandated by Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, starting from August 2017.

Formalin is widely used in plastic, wood, and paper production facilities. Additionally, it is employed as fixative solution for histology in hospitals and private laboratories where, only in Italy, about one million liters per year are consumed. In the healthcare system, thousands of workers (e.g. nurses, technicians, doctors, pathologists) are thus exposed to formaldehyde. Therefore, the balance between the diagnostic and scientific interest (i.e. patient’s health) and the protection of workers is set on a risks reduction basis defined as the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable (Risk)” Principle. In Italy, as in other countries of the European Union, this also results in strict obligations to protect the health of workers which may be in contact with the formaldehyde. Therefore, it is required to implement every possible technical, organizational and procedural initiative to minimize the risk to the worker’s health. Our project is aimed to fully resolve this social and scientific conundrum and offer a substitute to Formalin for tissue fixation.


Seal of Excellence UE – European Commission Horizon 2020

IPA4SME 2020 – Financial and expert support for intellectual property (IP) valorisation

Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument Project, Phase 1

Life science and social innovation awards, Start CUP

PwC Start UPS & Emerging Companies 2018

UniCredit start up award 2017

Finalist at the Italian Innovation Award

Product Opportunities

A unique and innovative Formalin substitute, with comparable – if not better – fixative results. GAF is easy to use, it produces benefits for the health and the environment. No alternative product with the same characteristics as GAF is available on the market.


Our team has considerable knowledge and skills on the scientific, business and legal fields, and is supported by financial and scientific advisors with International expertise.


Collaboration with A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza in Turin, for the “Glyoxal in Endoscopy” project.

Collaboration with the Zooprophylactic Institute in Turin for GAF’s use in the veterinary sector, especially concerning neurological pathology.

Collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Turin for use of acid-free glyoxal as a fixative for valve and vascular prostheses.

Our company has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 8157692.